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Rise and Shine

[[Jin & Cisum]]

Wake up. Check out the tools and eye yesterdays notes. Bathe and think it all over again.

It all was all standard, that morning ritual that started before the sun could chase away the shadows. It had been like that for as long as Cisum could remember and hadn't changed much, even when her body had. 'Oil/examin' joints had been adopted to the ritual and in smaller confines, but that was alright. At least here it could actually feel like 'home', or what she imagined that sort of thing had to feel like.

this morning was no different and she was ready to rehearse before the sound of others rising could interupt the general silence. Her hair, long, silky black waves, had been tied back at the nape of her neck with a black silk ribbon. Her clothes had been chosen for function and a little about half-hearted looks.

And she made toast and coffee, which she was chewing on thoughtfully as she examined the time and noted that Jin was now, offically, sleeping in. "Hm." Leaving the seat she had taken in their open living space, Cisum took a few more pieces of bread and stuck them in the toaster and poured a cup of oj. Once the bread had been transformed to 'toast', she took the small plate with butter on the side and the orange juice to Jin's door, which she knocked on with the back of her hand--the one without the juice, as a spill would be annoying--and waited for the sleeping one to either answer or not--it was courtesy, of course, before she'd have to invite herself in to do the waking.

The lazyass ex-spine-hunter cracked an eye to look at the clock. 8:47AM. An hour and ten before rehearshal at ten. He could totally skip his morning run and scramble into rehearshal with a minute to spare.

So, as it were, the daredevil grunted and pulled the blankets over his head, hiding as he curled up against the wall.

'I heard that.' Cisum had to think, her head canted to one side as listened to the faint sounds of someone moving some. Knocking again, the Doll stalled her wake up call for one more round. "I have toast." She informed the door, though if she held the expectation of it being teasingly tempting, the effort came out flat and just...informative.

Oh. Toast. That's absolutely amazing. Ten times better than the line of coke Jin would be searching out when the girl finally did manage to get him up.

For now, he just hoped and prayed and wished for five more minutes.

Two minutes seemed polite enough, even a bit long for her style of things, and when he didn't come out to fetch his breakfast while it was still hot, she quietly pushed the door open wide enough that she could at least see and be seen with the fine bounty of the morning. "Good morning, Jin. We have rehearsal soon, you know." Of course he did, but let's pretend for the moment that he did not--and was thus justified to sleep in a little. "I brought toast with butter and some juice. There's coffee too if you would prefer that."

A card hit the floor, Jin's hand lying limp outside of the pile of blankets that he called his hiding place.

I'm awake. I'm just resting my eyes.


"Rest them for much longer and the sun will surely dazzle you." Cisum replied with the faint pursing of her lips as she walked in and set the food down on a spot on the desk and picked up his note to put back in order somewhere before she came to the edge of his bed, resting her cheek in the palm of her freshly oiled hand, which looked very human, and considered whether or not she should open the window or take the sheet or both in some order that would be sure to get him out of his nest. "Will you have me fetch a water gun?" She wondered out loud.

Jin said nothing, but did, in fact, greet her with the bird. That was exactly what he though of her water gun idea-- and someone would be dead if such a wakeup tactic was put into action. Jin would be sure of that.

"Ah, evidence of life." The Doll noted as she looked at his hand with an arched brow, entirely unphased. "Your toast is getting cold."

Jin didn't need toast.

Jin needed cocaine.

But he said nothing as he, once more, recoiled into his ball of quilt and fluff and darkness. It would take more than toast related cooling threats to get him out, and Cisum was probably all too well aware.

He was always given a few chances to wake up in the polite ways--could it be he kept hoping she'd simply give up once she ran out of niceities? Cisum was on a mission. So that blanket, his shelter from her strange brand of morning cheer, was claimed by a stronger than human hand a mere instant before the light to his room was flicked on. Another girl might have giggled and run--Cisum folded the blanket, seeming to be going on with business as usual.

And Jin, dragged with his blanket, ended up flat on his back on the floor. If the light wasn't enough to wake his ass up, the fall was. Dazed, confused, and twitching just slightly, the blonde stared at his roommate.

...There's no words for how much I despise you right now.

"Would you rather I send someone else in to wake you next time?" Cisum asked with an arched brow as settled into a crouch next to him, distantly amused at the look she got. "I don't think you would get breakfast made for you anymore though, and somehow I get the impression that they wouldn't be so gentle."

A moment of silence followed as she thought of how she might be thanked for such a 'gentle' waking, and his blanket was dropped over his exposed groin. "Try to go back to sleep there and I -shall- fetch a hose." She warned.

Jin offered a grudging grumble of silence as he sat up, hand holding his blanket to cover his completely unacknowledged nudity, bare ass unaccounted for as he stepped toward his closet to pick out today's excercise in execution of the least fashionable statement on the trains. His choice tossed on the bed, Jin offered the girl and her toast a grin as he offered her a V-sign as he hopped into his bathroom for a five minute shower, leaving his blanket behind on the floor.

For a moment there was the illusion of a smile on the Doll's lips, gone before confirmation, but she flashed the sign right back as he retreated into his bathroom. By the time he emerged his toast would be warm again, his bed made and his clothes neatly laid out on the orderly sheets. Cisum herself would be back in her room, leaning against the open doorway sipping coffee, observing nothing in particular.

Jin was, essentially, completely and utterly spoiled by the doll of a girl. Unfortunately, he didn't normally eat breakfast, but after he did his line of coke and came out of his room dressed in wifebeater, jacket, and patched up pants, he at least gave it a nibble as he tossed back some coffee.

Notebook on the table in the living room, he wrote a message out for the doll-girl.

We can go running before rehearshal.

Slipping out of her room to join him, cradling her empty coffee cup, Cisum nodded, struck for the 100th time by how amusing and almost useless it was for her to run for fitness but she never really said anything about that. It was still enjoyable. "I'd like that." An ignored slice of toast was stolen, though she only nibbled on that too and the dish was returned to the sink, cleaned, and tucked away. "Its nice and windy too." Cisum tended to love that sort of thing... "We may as well enjoy it, since we're going to be practicing through the better part of the day anyway."

The muted boy simply nodded, standing and bending to stretch his limbs out. He sniffed, a little, to pull the drip out of his sinuses, but that wasn't anything more than a morning reflex.

Nothing more. Absolutely nothing more.

Cisum, already hands on in her care of those around her, knew better than to prompt a lecture on the spot about certain sniffing habits. These she simply couldn't touch on--usually. She could, however, out stretch and balance her roomies whenever she pleased. Parts were left, at least in her abdomen, that did require attention. The rest was all the occasional touch of fun on her part. There were times when making her arms do 360's could be counted as a warm up--the standard test to be sure all of her limbs were in top order and maintenance wasn't needed. Being able to be poised upright, yet be hanging between her own legs...

She didn't go quite that far, but she did crack another hint of some distant smile before throwing open the door and jumping lightly outside ahead of him.

And he bounded off after her, setting his own pace since he was all to well aware that the cyborg setting the pace would end with him being completely exhausted trying to keep up with her-- which is something that Wei-xia had done all the time, in his younger days.

...but that was, really, something he didn't particularly feel like thinking about.

Cisum had waited for Jin to come outside before setting off--at his pace. The illusion of humanity was one that she tended to like, and a human pace was entirely accepted unless she had cause to act otherwise. Humanity was golden, despite the countless flaws.

"If you do anything extra..." Extra being 'hunting' "...I might have something for you. Remind me?" As if she needed reminders.

Jin would've asked what that extra something was, but he had no way to write as he ran. Instead, he looked over and gave the girl a winning little grin-- that playful boyish thing that he'd always flashed at Wei-xia when she careened into the pit to have this, this, or that replaced.

Winning was one word for it. Not always sure of what to do and say in comfortable social plains, Cisum could be utterly lost to any particularly bright statements she could make. So she smiled, truely, and shook her head, watching the ground ahead of her. "You'll like it, I think."

The mute stole the girl's hand and gave it a squeeze. After all, there was little to nothing that the blonde could do to communicate since verbal communication was right fuckin' out.

They ran the length of the train, then back again, just in time to rest for five minutes outside the tent. Jin, hands pressed to his knees, caught his breath in thirty seconds, and grinned at his running companion-- like he knew something she didn't.

Cisum's hand was as close to real as a machine could get these days, complete with feeling, which was an instant draw to her attention. Wordlessly she glanced at his hand then face. He was mute, so he had to touch sometimes.... She only looked ahead for the rest of the run.

When they stopped, Cisum was no more winded than she had been when she had pulled him out of bed, yet with the look he was throwing her way she had to wonder if she had lost some strange race, or completely missed something that she had no knowledge of.

Arching a brow and dusting invisible dust from her jeans, the Doll looked right back. "What?"

The mute shook his head, with a silent laugh, before he turned and walked into the tent.

No new data. Information failed in delievery.

Cisum would have twitched if she hadn't known it might give Jin some further thrill of satisfaction. "Ass." The Doll muttered, still wondering what he knew that she didn't--or if he was just pulling her leg.

Frowning, she paused only a moment before following him in. Should he sleep in the next day, she wouldn't waste quite so much time as today, that much she knew.
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