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This would be the soundtrack for tordre that i compiled last night! 8D If you have issues with a song used for your character's act, lemme know. :o

Please save as!

1. BIENVENUE -- performed by Ban-bao; cast. kourin; buck-tick
2. SECOND SOI [double contortion and counterbalance; vice, versa] -- performed by Yan-jing. lotus; suilen
3. J'ESPÉRE [hand balancing on canes; ila] -- performed by Yan-jing; female support. dew; yoko kanno feat. ilaria graziano
4. ----------> ENTRACTE [diabolo, pantomime; ban, ila] -- performed by Yan-jing; Ainsi; female support. flashback memory plug; yoko kanno feat. origa + benedict delmaestro
5. INTITULE [pantomime; cedar] -- performed by Ila; male support. espiritu del aire; e nomine
6. DUPER [clowns; dr.sir, shem] -- performed by Hilda in a Kenji-Sawada drag queen style. kareha; shiina ringo -- cover of a french song
7. VOYANT [diabolo; ban] -- performed by Ban-bao. ai no senka; atsushi sakurai
8. FORFAIT [suspension, knife throwing; suu, shou-ye] -- performed by Ainsi; Yan-jing. abiso; headphones president
9. ---------> ENTRACTE [diabolo, pantomime; ban, shou-ye] -- performed by Finnegan (violin) pope's betrayal; the red violin
10. DESESPOIR [circeaux; ila] -- performed by Ainsi; female support. outside; headphones president
11. ----------> ENTRACTE [pantomime; cedar, ila] -- performed by Finnegan (violin); Yan-jing (vox). anna's theme; the red violin
12. CIEL [birds, pantomime; avi, asbel] -- performed by Ila; female support. christmas in the silent forest; yoko kanno feat. ilaria graziano
13. TERRE [roaches, pantomime; kuie, asbel] -- performed by Reve. shortcut; mute
14. ---------> ENTRACTE [birds, roaches, pantomime; avi, kuie, asbel] -- performed by Yan-jing. spine; suilen
15. DECHIRE [floor excercise; cisum] -- performed by Yan-jing. heaven; lamb
16. FENDRE [solo trapeze; makxim] -- performed by Ban-bao. slip; schwein
17. ---------> ENTRACTE [duo trapeze; makxim, cisum] -- performed by Yan-jing. black; sarah mclachlan
18. AUDACE [stunt, freerunning; jin] -- performed by Ban-bao. yuuwaku; buck-tick
19. ---------> ENTRACTE [dance, pantomime, acrosports; jin, velouria] -- performed by Vice; Versa. pretty polly; queen adreena
20. S'ESQUINTER [sword swallowing; velouria] -- performed by Finnegan (vox). arrache-moi; louise attaque
21. EXPIER [freerunning, dance, acrosports, pantomime, artistic torture/rending asunder; jin, velouria] -- performed by Ban-bao. passion; buck-tick
22. --------> ENTRACTE [clowns; shem, dr.sir] -- takes the beginning of next
23. --------> ENTRACTE [jewel's sorrow, voice, dance; yan-jing] -- performed by Yan-jing. rain one; varekai
24. ECLOSION [silk contortion; ainsi] -- performed by Yan-jing; Ila; Vice; Versa; Avi. vary; headphones president
25. ARTIFICE [illusions; reve] -- performed by Reve. evig pint; kaizer's orchestra
26. TOILE [escapism; nine] -- performed by Ban-bao. rakuen; buck-tick
27. SANS PITIE [minimal silk contortion, dance; ainsi, nine] -- performed by Ban-bao. shingetsu; atsushi sakurai
28. ----------> ENTRACTE [pantomime; reve, ainsi, nine] -- takes beginning of next.
29. EUTHENASIE [silk contortion; ainsi] -- performed by Yan-jing. se-shu-rinla; headphones president
30. ADIEUX [closing; BOWS] -- performed by Ban-bao. diabolo; buck-tick

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