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Suu ♥ Fei

a continuation.

[suufei & shou]

Suu really had no idea what was going on.

But he figured, it was okay, no one really did.

And then it really didn’t matter because it was really do or die now.

Asile is burning down.

He would say he was really fucking happy it wasn’t during his act.

But now everyone’s scattered about and he’s running back into everything, trying to find someone

because it’s what you’re supposed to do.

So now he’s standing 50 yards away from the main tent, up in flames. A few frantic people are still left, some of the chorus and what have you.

A split second, waiting, design making. And the boy starts to run. Not into the tent, around it, away from the front exit.

Because there’s a blind man stuck inside somewhere.
Shou-ye was not in his car. No one had seen him since the early afternoon.

So he’s doing something fucking stupid, Suu thought. Running faster.



The flame licked at his cheek like rough cat tongue, tickling.  Shou-ye wanted to laugh, but instead found himself coughing.  The air was oily and oppressive.  He was getting dizzy, ill.  Smoke inhalation.  Well of course.  Most people passed out before they let themselves burn.  Most people.

So are you just going to sit there like an idiot, or are you going to help me find you? Now the fire (was it the fire?) spoke in Suu's voice.

I can't, I'm too weak.

Stupid old man.

Shou-ye could hear Suu calling his name.  It seemed far away.  Miles.  Shou-ye did his best to stand up, to respond, but all that came was a hacking cough that doubled him over.

That's right, lay back down.  You belong to me.

"Ban-Bao..." Shou-ye whimpered.  "It hurts so much."

I know, but you'll do it for me, won't you?
Suu Fei stood, looking back into the burning tent.

He gritted his teeth, catching his breath, palms on knees.

”Fucking idiot..


"Suu Fei... Suu Fei is calling for me... I have to... he's looking for me, he'll get trapped, I can't... I'm awful at everything else, I can't let him die here too."

Just so long as we can be together afterwards, darling.  You know I need you.  I've  always needed you.

Shou-ye muttered deliriously, coughing like mad as he crawled along in the dirt, trying to find the voice.  Standing was a bad idea, he decided, the smoke would be thicker higher up.  "SUU!" he yelled out with as much energy as his thin body could muster.  "GET OUT OF HERE, IT'S A HELLTRAP."

The boy’s face lit up. He could here Shou, and ran headforeward into the tent.

”WHERE ARE YOU?!” He couldn’t see, sweat collecting in the crooks of his knees, small of his back.


"I SAID GET OUT!" shouted Shou, giving his position away.  He'd walked straight into the inferno.  His delusions gave him no real picture of how dangerous it was, though the smoke and heat should have informed him, he was convinced they were only the flames of his punishment.

You're going the wrong way, Hei Shou-ye.

"If Suu follows me out here he'll die," said Shou.  He crawled carefully towards the entrance, never too proud to writhe in the dirt.

What's the life of one little brat if we can be together?

"It's funny, Ban-Bao, you never spoke of us being together before.  All on account of the life of some other little brat.  SUU!  SUU FEI!"

He should have been paying to the sounds the fire was making, the real hisses, not imagined ones.  The crackling.

There was no way this place would stay standing long.  Shou-ye realized that quickly.

"You have to get out of here, it's gonna go!"

“Just don’t move!
I’m coming!”

Suu bent down, shirt up over his mouth acting as a filter. Sliding past burning wood and who knows what.

A few hasty moments of maneuvers and he saw a figure, down on the ground.

It was Shou, he was so grateful to see Suu that he kissed the boy's feet.  "We have to go.  The fire is going to claim you too, otherwise."

“What the hell are you doing here?” He pulled the man up, jerking him away.

”You’re such a fucking idiot..” Suu shook his head, limping away.

It was hard to breath, suffocating, but they were so close.

"No, you can't have him, you can't have Suu," Shou muttered.  He clasped hard to Suu's hand, but otherwise seemed unaware of his presence.  "That's a deal breaker, you can't have him.  Besides, you have Ciro, don't you?  All you ever wanted was to burn me away..."

“You’re a fucking idiot, Shou-ye.

Anyone ever tell you that?” He grumbled, falling to his knees, crawling under some debris.

Suu was panting, coughing.
They pulled out, the boy forcing himself a few more yards away before collapsing on the ground.

 "All the time," said Shou-ye with a smirk, crumpling next to the younger boy.  Laying there, smudged and sweating and probably reeking to the heavens, he tugged Suu into his arms.  "I love you, Suu Fei," said he said, then promptly passed out.
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